Itrana Olives 1550 g

The Itrana olive, a cherished gem in the region’s olive tradition, showcases remarkable versatility, transitioning from delicate oil when green to a rich black olive when mature.

Among the treasures of the region renowned for its centuries-old olive cultivation, one stands out: the Itrana olive. Also known as the olive of Gaeta, this large olive variety hails from the Lazio region, particularly thriving in Cori and select areas of the Latina province, under strict specifications. Notable for its versatility, it can be harvested late, usually between March and April, or as early as mid-November. When green, it yields delicate, moderately acidic oil or can be enjoyed as a brined olive (White Itrana). Left to mature, it becomes the richly colored black olive, known as the olive of Gaeta. Revered for its unique qualities, the Itrana olive has been cherished for centuries, sought after by nobles and gaining international acclaim in recent years.

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3 L, 5 L, 500 ml

Agnoni’s products embody a deep respect for the land and its natural rhythms, delivering genuine flavors that capture the essence of the past. Agnoni’s story began in the 1960s with Neno and Nena Agnoni. As newlyweds, they purchased their own farm near Cori, facing significant financial challenges to realize their dream.

Today, the Agnoni family continues this legacy, blending innovation with tradition. Their vegetables preserved in oil, creams, and extra virgin olive oil are crafted without additives or preservatives, using only natural ingredients like salt, vinegar, and oil. Sourced from controlled cultivations without chemical fertilizers or pesticides, their produce is processed according to time-honored family recipes. We are delighted to bring you these high-quality, delicious products that are perfect for appetizers, entrées, and side dishes, offering the genuine taste of the past.

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