Welcome to Origreen Food

Origreen markets and distributes high quality foods – primarily from small, passionate food producers, who we have close, personal and trusting relationships with.

It is important for us to know the origin of the raw materials. We put great emphasis on transparency about the origin, quality and sustainability in all stages. That is the reason why we pay regular visits to business partners and producers all over the world.

We choose organic products whenever possible; we are passionate but not fanatic. When we select new products, factors such as quality and taste are equally important to us, but we also value fair payment to the producers as well as personal contact and trust.

Our primary target groups are private customers via Origreen’s webshop, together with carefully selected restaurants and specialty shops, who share our views on good food, who know what they are dealing with and provide high level service.

We are the Origreens – Daniella and Daniel. We both love great products with a history and roots in a culture. On our journeys, we have been very fortunate to meet dedicated people, proud and humble artisans. With great love, these people have shared their best raw materials with us, and given us amazing and intense food experiences. This has helped us sharpen our senses and given us a deeper understanding of the origin of foods, processing and quality.

We have many years of experience within the food industry, business development and distribution, as well as from design and graphic communication.

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