La Badia – Extra Virgin Olive Oil

La Badia Extra Virgin Olive Oil, crafted from a blend of Itrana, Frantoio, and Leccino olives, boasts herbaceous and fruity notes, perfect for enhancing dishes in the finest Italian tradition.

La Badia – Extra Virgin Olive Oil  comes from completely itrana, frantoio and leccino olives. The result is an oil in which the herbaceous and fruity flavour gives way to a more agreeable aftertaste. Perfect for seasoning any raw or cooked dish, it is recommended for the preparation of sauces, as in the best Italian culinary tradition. For these reasons it

is much appreciated by the best chefs in the restaurant world.

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3 L, 5 L, 500 ml

Agnoni’s products embody a deep respect for the land and its natural rhythms, delivering genuine flavors that capture the essence of the past. Agnoni’s story began in the 1960s with Neno and Nena Agnoni. As newlyweds, they purchased their own farm near Cori, facing significant financial challenges to realize their dream.

Today, the Agnoni family continues this legacy, blending innovation with tradition. Their vegetables preserved in oil, creams, and extra virgin olive oil are crafted without additives or preservatives, using only natural ingredients like salt, vinegar, and oil. Sourced from controlled cultivations without chemical fertilizers or pesticides, their produce is processed according to time-honored family recipes. We are delighted to bring you these high-quality, delicious products that are perfect for appetizers, entrées, and side dishes, offering the genuine taste of the past.

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