Taggiasca Olives with stone in brine

Taggiasca olives from Liguria.

A selection of the best Taggiasca olives keeped in brine, with the traditional method.
They are the best with your cocktail and on salads. Used a lot on first and main courses.

Ingredients: Taggiasca olives, water, salt
Storage: after opened store cool at a temperature of 0-5 ° C, covering top with olive oil
Weight: 180g / 2,8kg

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180 grams, 2.8 kg

For more than 125 years, the Boeri Roi family has grown Taggiasca olives on the steep mountain slopes along Valle Argentina in Italian Liguria. Today, Boeri Roy's virgin olive oil is sold under the name Olio Roi, and they are highly valued by chefs all over the world. They recognize Olio Roi for its ability to produce high quality olive oils with excellent gastronomic properties.

Origreen has hand-picked a small selection of Olio Roy's delicious and characterful extra virgin olive oils.

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