Txuleton of Galician Extra** – Rib eye in bone

We offer two main selections: the European selection with amazing beef from all over the continent and the Galician selection, cultured meat related to Basque history and heritage in relation to beef.

Price is per kilo! Final price will be shown on the invoice.

Weight: approximately 1000 gram
Origin: Spain / Galicia

Txogitxu - Basque gastronomy in its original version.

Nobody doubts that the Basque Country is today a major gastronomic destination. Here, cooking, dining together and eating well has always been, and continues to be, a religion.
The Basques have their own identity, with their own language, Euskara, prehistoric and of unknown origin, completely unlike that of all their neighbours. Among these identity traits, which they have cared for and preserved, is their gastronomic culture, one they maintain and take the utmost care of. For this reason, ancient traditions such as their gastronomic societies and their pintxos are still as important as ever.
Therefore, it is no coincidence that Donostia-San Sebastián is the second city with the most Michelin stars in the world. No mean feat!

From Astigarraga, cradle of the cider houses, in the Basque Country, at Txogitxu they strive to offer customers the best cuts of red meat from fat, old cows. Imanol Jaca, The Basque Butcher, focuses on selecting the best cows, from Galicia to Central Europe, and, once home, Txogitxu carry out a second selection to achieve consistency in the product.

“The quality of meat is measured by the quality of its fat. Every week I caress more than a thousand cows with my hands. When I come into contact with their heat, I can feel the fat melting in my hands, making them damp, the sensuality of gastronomy. If a cow has been fed a natural diet, its fat has a very low melting point.” - Imanol Jaca, The Basque Butcher