Trebbiano Wine Vinegar – Il Secco 250 ml

Secco del Borgo, the traditional peasant name for wine vinegar – to distinguish it from balsamic – is made from white Trebbiano grapes. Secco del Borgo is recommended on fresh salads and marinades. Try it together with Borgo del Balsamico Condiment for a special, sour-sweet experience.

Aroma & flavour: – Acidity 7%

Ingredients: Trebbiano wine. Acidity 7%
Storage: store at room temperature
Weight: 250 ml

Secco del Borgo is prepared in the traditional way of turning wine into vinegar in the presence of wood chips. Wood chips are first placed in the centre of a wooden cask (today a steel vat) bef ore the wine is added. The acetobacteria on the surface of the wood gradually acidify the wine, turning it slowly into vinegar. Secco del Borgo is then mellowed in oak casks where it takes on its warm amber colour and acquires its pungent, rounded taste.

Colour: Light caramel
Aroma and taste: Sour with 7% acid
Structure: Liquid

Ingredients: Trebbiano wine. Contains sulphites.
Acidity: 7%
Storage: store at room temperature
Weight: 250 ml

Balsamic Vinegar of Modena and Borgo del Balsamico Food Condiment are laid down to age in barrels of French oak. The wooden casks gradually release their precious bouquets, helping us in the painstaking task of preparing top quality products. Made only from the best raw materials and presented with exquisite taste, the final product brings to your table the echoes of an ancient tradition.

Each bottle is sealed by hand in the traditional way with original binding material and sealing wax that is stamped while the wax is still warm. Each item is unique, never quite the same as the previous one. Each takes with it into the world all the dedication and infinite care that have gone into the long process that culminates in one of the miracles of Italy’s tradition of fine foods.

The packaging follows a color code to help consumers differentiate and choose the correct product. Yellow color represents vinegars recommended for salads and marinades, orange color for meat, fish and vegetables and red for exclusive recipes.

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