White Tuna Pieces

White tuna pieces come in a glass of 630g.

White Tuna pieces from Don Bocarte from the north of the Cantabrian have the perfect size and taste for Vitello Tonnato dish. Sea in olive oil jar 630g (Pack 6 units)


Net weight: 630g. Drained 410g.

Ingredients: White tuna (Fish), Thunnus Alalunga FAO27 VIII, olive oil and salt. Allergens: Fish.

Nutrition information per 100g:
Energy 750 kJ / 179 Kcal
Fat 8,1 g
of which saturates 1,2 g
Carbohydrate 0,0
of which sugars -0,0 g
Proteins 26,5 g
Salt 1,0 g

Unopened: Store at room temperature.
Once opened: Keep the product covered in olive oil, refrigerated between 3° – 5° C and use within 2 days.

Net weight 630 g / Drained weight 410 g

Packaging: Glas containing 630g of white tuna pieces


Don Bocarte only obtains tuna or “Bonito del norte” in the northbound part of Cantabria and the coast. Following a meticulous cooking process, with just the right amount of salt, is how Don Bocarte consistently achieves the juiciness and delicacy that characterizes this high-quality product.

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Colli, Glas

Since 1997 at Conservas Selección Santoñesa only the best materials have been selected to make our products.
For some time now, our haemosphere has been converted into fibers in the production of high-quality preserves and semi-preserves.
Differentiation, focused on quality and the development of new products, is our main competitive commitment.

We are located in Santoña, cradle of the anchovy, bathed by the Cantabrian Sea, origin of the best seafood.

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