Parma Ham PDO Riserva, +24 months, deboned

Parma Ham PDO La Valle is characterized by fragrant and full flavour, the salty taste is almost absent, below the average mark. The marbling is consistent and brings sweetness. Muscular tissue is flawless and solid. The colour is pink toward red. The perfume recalls the curing room. Expressive and gifted with convincing ripeness when he is turning 18 months old.

The best boneless ham, for the most demanding customers. Boneless Black Label is carefully cleaned and well cured. It has a compact slice, fine marbling and balanced salt point. Slices’ colour tend to amaranth.

The seasoning of boneless Black Label starts from 20 months and can reach up to 30 months.

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1 kg

Dellavalle head office is located in north-west of Italy, Piemonte, in the area of Langhe-Roero and Monferrato recognized Unesco world heritage.

Dellavalle business activities span from the production of typical Italian high-quality processed meats from its own selected swine fed with dedicated alimentation produced in the Dellavalle mill and the marketing of meat cuts for the global market.

With attention pointed toward the future, they raise swine and deliver pork products with passion since 1947.