Capers from Pantelleria in Extra Vigin Olive Oil 950g

Capers from Pantelleria in extra-virgin olive oil

Ingredients: Caper (55%), extra-virgin olive oil

Storage: Store at room temperature

Weight: Glass of 100g / Glass of 950g

Ready-to-use capers, small-sized so as to maintain their crunchiness despite being preserved in oil. Ideal for rice salads and to garnish baked or grilled fish. Also in appetizers, on toast or crackers. Many believe that cured capers are made of the fruit of the plant, but this is not the case! The caper is the shoot that, if left on the shrub, will give birth to beautiful, extremely unique, pink and white caper flowers.

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100 grams, 280 grams, 500 grams, 900 grams, 950 grams

"“La Nicchia”, literally ‘The Niche’, symbolizes the value of an area by way of an image and a name that call to mind something to be preserved with care and dedication.
“La Nicchia” offers not merely the Island's typical products but a selection of the best raw materials from our lands, using the simplest possible methods to process them and respecting their uniqueness.Antonio Bonomo and Girolamo Giglio started the original Caper Production farm in Pantelleria in 1949 but it was first later on that LaNicchia was born.

“La Nicchia” has specialized in caper production and other raw materials from the Pantellaria region. Using the simplest possible methods to process their products, respecting their uniqueness and preserving their culture makes that La Nicchia products stand out and a must have in the kitchen. "

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